How do you determine the quality of silk quilts?
Are quilted silk blankets more advanced?

Any kind of quilt made of mulberry silk is called a silk quilt, whether it be of high quality or of inferior quality, and whether the silk content is 50% or 100%. The most important factor in determining the quality of silk quilts is the cocoon that the silk comes from. Inferior silk cocoons have broken fibers, are easily severed, have a yellow tint, and mostly come from silk scraps, or simply from inferior silkworm cocoons. Silk quilts made from such silk cocoons are incomparable with high quality silk quilts in terms of thermal retention, moisture absorption, degree of luster, service life and just about everything else.

However, the key issue does not lie in the diminishing of the original silk quilt’s excellent qualities, but with the fact that, inferior silk is discriminated against and poses security risks in its relevant market. In order to conceal the true quality of their quilts’ inner silk, dishonest merchants use machines to sew their quilts together, and use other sneaky methods, in an effort to hide the flaws that exist in their sown silk quilts.

In reality, a silk quilt only needs a manually set fixed point to maintain uniformity; sewing machines would instead, affect the quilt’s fluffiness.

What’s worse, some merchants even place some inferior silk or chemical fibers within the quilt, while using high quality silk around the edges of the quilts and especially at the openings of the quilts. They know that the average consumer will not remove the entire quilt from its sleeve just to verify its quality. These merchants also pay close attention to rumors and government behaviors; if the government inspections are strict, they will use real silk in their products. But once the crackdown is over, they begin to act freely again, outside of the law, deceiving customers with poor quality products.

We have provided some simple tips for your future reference

Check the quality of the silk

High-quality ShuangGong, or Twin Palace, mulberry silk is soft, fluffy, resilient and if you were to pull out several silk threads from the quilt, you would be able to pull very long strands. If a quilt has silk threads that break easily when being pulled out, then the silk used to make them is merely composed of short, or medium length silk filaments.

Smell the silk’s scent

High-quality ShuangGong, or Twin Palace, mulberry silk, has a faint silkworm chrysalis scent. Most people think that this is a kind of “fragrance,” but there are also some people who do not find this scent appealing. Mulberry silk quilts with this scent are all newly-made silk quilts. This scent has no negative effects on human health, and will slowly fade away through simple washing, drying and airing out. Generally, silk with no scent at all is usually old or has been left out for a long time.

Rely on texture

High-quality ShuangGong, or Twin Palace, mulberry silk feels relatively soft without feeling rough or dry to the touch. It also has a certain degree of fluffiness, and the obvious gentle and breathable feel of silk quilts.

View the workmanship

Generally, because of their long fibers, high-quality silk quilts, after just manually setting a few points, will not shift. On top of this, high-quality silk quilts are very fluffy and tend to cling to your skin, which makes it fit very well with 100% cotton fabrics. A large opening is also left in high-quality silk quilts to give everyone the opportunity to examine its contents. Quilted blankets in the market are mostly made from short strand silk. Because such silk shifts quite easily, they are fixed in position with sewing machines. Short-strand silk is usually sourced from scraps or other poor-quality silk. This makes quilted, or sown, silk quilts the worst type of silk product. Even if long-strand silk is used in such products, quilting, or sewing, long-strand silk would not only affect its fluffiness, but would also lead to losing many of the advantages that high-quality silk quilts possess.

What are the advantages of silk quilts when compared with products like duvets and cotton quilts?

This question is often asked, especially by our friends Northern China, where the weather is much colder. It is clear that silk quilts are not new or original products. Silk quilts have a relatively long history, especially in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions. However, since we have always only used silk quilts to cover ourselves ever since we were children, we do not have the first-hand, personal experience necessary to make these comparisons. Therefore, we have extracted some data from the internet and have created the following spreadsheet analysis, in hopes that it will help you reach a more objective and scientific conclusion.

Four Advantages of Silk Quilt

Silk quilts promote sleep.

Mulberry silk fiber components contain 18 kinds of amino acids, which can grealy settle people’s nerves. This allows people to sleep soundly, prevents insomnia, eliminates the accumulation of fatigue during the day, slows down the aging rate of various organs, and enhances the vitality of the human body.

Silk quilts effectively protect against the cold.

As the saying goes, “A pound of silk equals three pounds of cotton.” That is to say, the warmth retention of mulberry silk is three times as effective as cotton. Although this statement might be a bit exaggerated, it is a fact that about 38% of the interior of silk is hollow, but can still effectively retain thermal energy. Because of this, only 2-2.5kg of refined silk is needed to create a single- person silk quilt that is sufficient to use during the winter. For a “double,” quilt, or one that would accommodate two people, 3-3.5kg is enough (if there is heating in the house, the amount needed can be based on the indoor temperature. For specifics, you can contact customer services. We are always here to provide you with sincere service).

Beauty and skin care.

About 97% of the ingredients in mulberry silk are pure and natural animal proteins which come into close contact with the body’s skin and have very beneficial, skin-friendly properties. Mulberry silk fiber is light, soft, fine and longer than the average length of one adult body. It is known as the “Fiber Queen” in the silk industry and is reputed as “The Second Skin of the Human Body,” which can delicately care for the skin of females and infants.

Silk can prevent rheumatism.

The water absorption of mulberry silk is 1.5 times that of cotton. It can automatically adjust the humidity inside the quilt. When the human skin is dry, the moisture in the silk will work; when the quilt inside is damp, the mulberry silk can quickly absorb and emit it. Therefore, silk quilt has a certain health function for people with dry skin, rheumatism and arthritis.