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Perfect for warm nights

Effective thermo-regulating

Anti-wrinkles treatment

Plush and comfortable feel

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How to Use and Maintain Silk Quilts?

Usually, lifespan of silk quilts can be up to 15 – 20 years. Proper maintenance can effectively keep silk quilts clean, fluffy and comfortable during the entire lifetime. Maintaining silk quilts is not rocket science. Below are some important points you want to take note of.

• Storage Care

Before you store Lazin silk quilts, please air-dry to eliminate any moisture inside. It should only be stored after returning to room temperatures.

1. DO store silk comforter in a cool, clean & dry environment (in a bag to avoid dust)
*Plastic bag may cause a peculiar smell and also cause breathability loss.

2. DO NOT store under high temperatures in strong light, otherwise the silk will become brittle and broken, and lose the pearl-like luster

3. DO NOT add chemical agents such as camphor pill, deodorant and insecticide as this will contaminate silk.

4. Please avoid stacking heavy objects on top of silk quilts to avoid thinning and hardening.

• Cleaning Care

Silk itself does not attract dust easily. For daily use, it is recommended to frequently air-dry during the Spring and Fall. But DO NOT expose to strong sunlight.

1. Can I wash the silk quilts?

No, you cannot. Water could harden silk and thus lower the warmth retention quality of silk quilts. A great solution is to use a silk quilt cover and use cold water to clean the silk quilt cover.

2. Can I use the washing machine?

No, you cannot. Do so ONLY if the machine has a “safe-for-silk” option on it.

3. What if my silk quilts accidently get stained?

If the stain is not very big, use a neutral detergent ( such as shampoo, specialized wool detergent) to gently wipe and air-dry. If the dirty spot is big it is highly recommended to go to a professional dry cleaner for local wiping with special detergent, then dry under low temperatures to prevent fabric from shrinking.

4. Can I use the dryer?

No, you cannot. Do so ONLY if the dryer has an “air-dry “property on it.

• Usage Care

It is suggested to use a silk quilts cover of appropriate size to prevent dust and stain.

1. Please avoid frequently stepping on, hopping on, or rolling on the silk quilt, which will cause the silk quilts to knot, harden, and lose its fluffiness.

2. Please use great care to pull on the silk quilt.

Silk Comforter FAQs

1. What are the differences between Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Comforters?

Lazin Silk: Firstly, the difference between the spring/summer Comforter and fall/winter one lies in weight and thickness. Summer Comforter is lighter and thinner than full/winter one, suitable for warmer days. Full/winter comforter is more suitable for colder days.

2. How to choose a suitable comforter? Summer weight or all season one

Lazin Silk: Temperature is the key factor. Here is a general guideline for your reference: if your bedroom is at 68F/20C, a queen size Comforter weighing approximately 0.9-1kg/2lb should best suit your needs. With every 3C/6F degree decrease, add 0.3-0.5kg/0.6-0.9lb to the weight of the Comforter . So if you are expecting to sleep in a bedroom with a temperature of 14C/57F in the fall/winter season, the Comforter should weigh approximately 1.5-2kg/3-4lb. However, this is just a rough estimate and only used as a reference. You can choose based upon your personal preference.

3. How to fixate a Comforter to Comforter cover?

Lazin Silk: There is one loop on each corner of our Comforter and one tie at each corner on the inside of the Comforter cover so that you can fixate the Comforter to Comforter cover right.

4. Does my Comforter need washing and how to keep it fresh?

Lazin Silk: Silk naturally repels dust, dirt, dust mites, moths, mildew and odours so we recommend NOT cleaning silk comforter at all. Do not hand wash or machine wash the comforter as this will flatten the silk loft and reduce its natural benefits. Just to air them regularly each season to keep them fresh in indirect sunlight for a few hours.

5. Do I have to use covers with Lazin silk comforters?

Lazin Silk: Getting a good comforter cover can protect your silk comforters from becoming dirty and damaged, as silk comforter covers can be machine-washed. A good comforter cover also matches with the rest of the room decor and to enjoy the full benefits of the comforter, as comforter covers made from other materials will partly undermine the breathability, the lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of the silk comforter.

A Quick Comparison between Silk quilts, Duvet Fillings and Cotton

Silk Duvet Cotton
Warmth Retention Best Great Good
Temperature Regulation Best N/A N/A
Net Weight Light Weight Medium Weight Heavy Weight
Price Range $350 - $1000 $250 - $2000 $50 - $250
Anti-mites Best N/A N/A
Anti-bacterial Best N/A N/A
Anti-acarid Best N/A N/A
Sound Disruptions Mute Poor Medium
Lifetime 15 - 20 years 5 - 10 years 10 - 20 years

*This comparison is based upon on the same weight of different fabrics we discussed above.

Light, Soft and Breathable

Premium Quality Silk Quilts

100% Organic Mulberry Silk Filling
Silk quilts effectively helps regulate temperature, which improves sleep quality. It acts to keep you warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
Stylish bags for storage is included with the silk quilts

What makes Lazin different?

Premium Quality

Just like cashmere, there are different types of silk, and the price can vary a lot. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available in the market. The unique thing about Mulberry silk is the pure white color and individual long fibers, which makes it more refined than other types of silk. All Lazin products use 100% Pure Mulberry silk.

Affordable Price

Lazin silk quilts range between $330 - $950. Our price is 10% - 15% less than similar products of comparable premium quality.

Original Design

All Lazin products are 100% original design, with 120% dedication to deliver value to our beloved customers.

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