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Benefits of Silk Quilts

What are the main advantages of silk quilts over other traditional fabrics?

Regulate Temperature

Silk can help retain heat that we need during the colder nights, and also help relieve us of warmer temperatures. It can do this because silk is a natural heat regulator and doesn’t conduct heat or static electricity like other man-made fabrics do.

Promote Sleep

Its temperature-regulating properties effectively help us sleep by wicking excess moisture from the body and adjusting to body temperature. Also,it is super breathable and light-weighted, which helps you stay asleep by minimising the nightly disruptions caused by sound of duvet fillings.

Skin Care

Silk quilts is characterized by being anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-allergy, which helps create an optimal environment free of bedbugs and mites. Its natural protein fibers also helps protect our skin by preventing wrinkles.

Patients Recommanding

I would definitely recommend it to people who care about their sleeping quality.
- Tina Kua

I’m absolutely in love with this comforter!!!! It’s so light, yet heavy enough to make me feel being wrapped under cold weather. Love Love Love!!!
- Ashley K

Me and my husband, we both love this. Would buy it again!
- Annie Atkeson